My Podcast: The Uncommon Lectionary

Hello all,

I have decided to make a Podcast that will help me in my ministry to my church, as well as to help me in my own growth as a Christian, and  as a Minister.

Title:  The Uncommon Lectionary



A podcast going through the Revised Common Lectionary readings each week with a target audience of students of all ages, and an emphasis in Youth Ministry.

I will be using as my primary sourse for finding the texts, and the Bible translation I use will be noted in each podcast episode.

Hosting Link: Click Here

I host the podcast on soundcloud, who’s free hosting space caps out at a little over 2 hours. With that being the case, I have started archiving my podcasts on youtube so that I can delete the old material on soundcloud, thus freeing up space, and saving money.

To listen to the Podcast on youtube:  Click Here

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