Loving Jesus & Loving Others: Relational Ministry

“Christianity is not a Religion….Its a Relationship!”

There is some truth conveyed in the above quote: the relational aspect between God and Humanity is one of unique qualities about Christianity that makes it stand apart from other world religions.  In Christianity, God is someone we can approach and tell all of our troubles to, and our God understands us in deep ways because our God became one of us. But to me, this is exactly what makes Christianity so appealing among the other religions.  Christianity is by its very definition a religion (that is an inescapable identity), but Christianity is also one where God understands and wants to commune with us.

The prime focus of my theology, my understanding of God, comes from Jesus – the one who tore the vail of the temple that separated humanity from the Holy of Holies, which what was known to be the dwelling place of God. The one who made a way for the common person to approach the throne of God.

I Love Jesus; I sincerely do.  He freed me from my sin in a general and broad sense, as well as in specific areas of my life that needed to be redeemed.  But more than that, I Love Jesus because of who He is; a relatable God who is all powerful and yet a God who cares for us all individually. While on earth, He healed many of their sickness, sins, and ailments. He also preached through words and example on how to live in a way that is honoring to God; to Love God, and to Love others.

I try to show my love for Jesus to Him by following his example in the way that I treat and interact with others, and although sometimes I am just not good enough, Christ has still been using me as a light for His purposes.  I think it is important for all of us to follow after Christ in this way, and the warmth I feel from some other church goers, known and unknown, is a wonderful feeling because I know from where that love emanates.

The questions we should ask ourselves are these:

  • Am I truly thankful about having Christ as my God every single day?
  • How can I show my love for Jesus to others?

Each one of us has different skill sets and abilities, and so we will all show Christ’s love differently and through different mediums; that is the beauty of the Church!  The Church is not built up of the same personalities, but is rather built up of many personalities with one Goal, and reaching and honoring that goal in their own unique ways; reaching others in ways that one personality would not be able to do.

May the Lord God Bless us all as we go throughout our weeks, interacting with others in our own unique ways, and sharing the message of a relatable God through the wonderfully diverse Church of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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